CHONDROGEN – Osteoarthritis,Fish Collagen 5000mg+Shark Chondroitine 400mg(Halal) protect the joint cartilages,helps to relieve the pain due to arthritis and osteoarthritis.Important: Please read the description.



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Chondrogen is a unique product designed and manufactured in Canada. By combining two ingredients: Collagen and Shark Chondroitine, which have proven themselves. We managed to create a safe and effective supplement to protect the joint cartilages and to relieve the pain due to arthritis and osteoarthritis while helping to maintain good health. Daily dose: Collagen 5000mg from fish Chondroitin 400mg from shark Mix 15 ml (1 tablespoon and a half ) in a glass of water of 150-200 ml. The liquid taste like mango. Be very consistent and don’t forget to take Chondrogen every day as it takes 8 to 12 weeks before you see the benefits.Recommended pairing product:Arthri-Solution Spray ASIN: B077RGLC4G IMPORTANT: BEFORE TO ORDER BE SURE THAT YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC TO THE INGREDIENTS AND NOTE THAT OUR PRODUCTS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE AND NOT RETURNABLE.


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